“Life Undocumented” a 4-Week Holy Disruptions Youth Ministry Curriculum


Each series comes with a full leaders guide, student print outs, downloadable keynote slide and social media graphic.


Life Undocumented tackles the very polarizing and complex conversation surrounding immigration. Oftentimes when we have discussions about immigration it is done so in a way that leaves out the stories of the actual people who are immigrating. That is where Life Undocumented is different. We have combined our Holy Disruptions methodology with the actual story of Adrian as told in his own words. We want to invite you to enter into a conversation, using a theological reflection framework, about undocumented immigration by engaging with a real person’s story.

We are so excited to have partnered with Miguel Briones who is an author and immigration activist to write this series. This along with our partnership with Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary’s Undocumented Stories project has created an enriched grassroots resource grounded in the voices and stories of immigrants.



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