CYMT’s Graduate Residency in Youth Ministry

Theological education and practical training for today’s youth minister – providing a full-tuition seminary scholarship, on-the-job training, and personal coaching.




Comprehensive training for the modern youth minister.

The Graduate Residency in Youth Ministry is designed to wholly equip today’s professional youth minister. During the 3-year program, residents receive practical training and coaching from CYMT and a theological education at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminarywhere they earn a Master of Arts in Youth Ministry (MAYM) degree. Residents strengthen their education through work experience as a youth minister and expand their horizons on the practical implementation of ministry through community-based learning and one-on-one coaching.








Gain the biblical and theological expertise you need to design and engage in ministry programs that help young people develop a deep, life-changing Christian faith. Unlike traditional degree formats, classroom learning for the MAYM degree takes place over Intensives where students travel to Austin (Austin Seminary campus) or Nashville (extension site) a few times a semester.


Join a group of fellow youth ministers from the same area and move through the program together. Your fellow classmates will support and walk alongside you during your 3 years at CYMT and beyond. Gain a richness and depth to your learning as you experience the multiple, diverse perspectives of your peers.



Receive consistent, personalized coaching from a CYMT-trained, veteran youth minister. Your coach will help you develop your youth ministry skills, challenge you to grow, and hold you accountable while supporting you. They will help you manage the day-to-day challenges of youth ministry like how to disciple difficult youth, how to balance ministry, school, and life, and how to best lead your volunteer team.


Communities of Faith

When we say communities of faith, we mean parts of the Church universal. CYMT partners with the communities of faith who are a part of the Body of Christ, to place residents to serve as a youth minister. CYMT Residents serve the Church through a variety of ministry settings, ranging from camp ministries to nonprofits, to traditional church settings. Regardless of the ministry setting, it will be an avenue for teenagers to experience the love of Jesus Christ, be formed in faith, and serve God.



Receive the spiritual and pastoral support you need to live and lead effectively.  Learn how to fill your tank so that you are not serving on empty.  CYMT knows that ministry is hard so we want to teach you self-care so that you can stay in ministry for the long haul.


Choose Your Track


The Graduate Residency in Youth Ministry has two tracks:


Click here if you are new to youth ministry & need job placement…


You will be placed in the ministry setting that matches best with your personal calling.

For the next 3 years, you will learn on-the-job. You will be working 25 hours a week to serve the youth of that community of faith while earning your MAYM degree. Your placement might be in a traditional church congregation or a non-traditional setting such as a camp or community non-profit. Many of our residents go on to be employed full-time by their partner ministry after their residency is complete.


Job + $1,000 a month stipend
Housing & Utilities – paid for by your partner ministry
Tuition, Books, & All Educational Expenses covered

Cost: The total cost to residents of the Placement track, if accepted, is a one-time $2,000 residency fee + a $50 application fee.

Job Placement track candidates who complete their application by November 15th will receive $500 off their residency fee if accepted to the program. Those who complete their application by January 15th will receive $250 off their residency fee if accepted to the program. 

Partner Ministries: The remaining cost for your Graduate Residency is paid for by the ministry where you serve. Click Here to learn more about our Partner Ministry Placement Program.

If accepted, CYMT will match you with a partner ministry that best matches your gifts, personal traits, and theology.






Click here if you already have a job in youth ministry…


Practical training in your current ministry setting.

Practical training in your current ministry setting. Unlike those in the Placement track, you will keep your position at your current ministry, where we will come alongside you for additional training and personal coaching. CYMT will partner with your church or ministry to help you develop innovative, effective, theologically-informed youth ministry.  You will personally receive practical training and theological education as you earn your Master of Arts in Youth Ministry degree.

Cost: The total cost for the Professional Education track is $30,000 paid over 3 years.  You or your employer pay a monthly fee to CYMT that covers all of your Graduate Residency expenses.  We highly recommend asking your church or ministry to make an investment in your education by covering your Graduate Residency costs.

Benefits: CYMT is seminary plus so much more. For less than the cost of tuition at most seminaries, your fees will cover and provide:

Room & Board on Intensives
Professional Coaching

In addition to your Residency fees, there are two application fees:

Individual= $50
Partner Ministry Fee = $350

Total cost for all 3 years = $30,000 + application fees






Grow into the youth minister God called you to be.

Innovative, practical and theologically-grounded, the Graduate Residency in Youth Ministry will help you grow. Be equipped to innovate new ways to minister with youth. Study and learn so you can engage youth in deep, theological reflection about God. Practice youth ministry so God can use you to invite youth on a journey of faith.


Why Youth Ministry?

Youth ministry is an investment in the lives of young people. It is an avenue for teenagers to experience the love of Jesus Christ, be formed in faith, and serve God.  Youth Ministry creates Christian community, safe-spaces, and an environment for spiritual growth and development.


What is a Youth Minister?

CYMT believes that a youth minister is anyone who actively engages and invests in the lives of young people. Our mission is to develop professional Youth Ministers whose vocation is to serve youth in all sorts of ministry contexts: traditional church congregations, non-profits, camps, and community centers.


Watch Kat share more about her experience as a CYMT Resident!


Theological Education. Practical Training.


All CYMT residents earn their Master of Arts in Youth Ministry (MAYM) through Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. All residents, regardless of their placement, attend Austin seminary through our hybrid classroom model. Through this model, residents are not confined to being in a classroom every day like traditional seminary, but instead, attend Intensives. More about Intensives below.

The Master of Arts in Youth Ministry degree provides foundational studies in Biblical Studies, Theology, Ethics, Pastoral Care, and Missions & Evangelism.  In your first year, you will participate in Practicum I and II where you will learn 24 skills that every youth minister must have.  In your second and third years, you will dive deeply into practical theology through your graduate-level youth ministry courses.  Additionally, the degree has room to choose from among many elective options including denominational course work for those interested in pursuing ordination.





Class Intensives

What are Intensives?

Instead of traditional seminary weekly classes, the MAYM degree at Austin Seminary is offered in a hybrid, intensive format.  Each semester residents participate in 3 multi-day Intensives and weekly discussion groups each semester.  A fourth optional intensive is offered each semester for elective coursework. 

Intensives take place in both Austin (at Austin Seminary campus)  and in Nashville (extension site). Once each semester all residents travel to Austin Seminary for an Intensives together. The location you attend is determined by the region where you work.

2020-2021 Dates 


Summer 2020

August 6-8 – Online due to COVID (Elective Course)


Fall 2020

September 14-18 – 5-day Intensive at Austin Seminary (Core & YM Course) *this may become a 3-day Intensive in your region due to COVID

October 15-17 – at Regional Sites (Core & YM Course)

December 3-5 – at Regional Sites (Core & YM Course)

January Term 2021

January 21-23 – at Austin Seminary (Elective Course)


Spring 2021

Due to COVID 19, Spring 2021 classes will take place virtually on Thursdays throughout the semester, in lieu of typical Intensives. 

Classes will be held from 8:30 am – 2:00 pm on the following Thursdays:

February 4: Session 1

February 11: Session 2

February 18: Session 3

February 25: Session 4

March 4: Session 5

March 11: Session 6


March 25: Session 7

April 1: Session 8 – HOLY WEEK (classes still meeting)

April 8: Session 9

April 15: Session 10

April 22: Session 11

April 29: Session 12

May 3-7: READING WEEK (no class)

May 10-14: FINALS WEEK (May 14-end of spring term)


2021-2022 Dates 


Summer Term 2021

August 4-6 – at Nashville Extension Site (Elective Course)


Fall 2021

September 13-17 – 5-day Intensive at Austin Seminary (Core & YM Course)

October 14-16 – at Regional Sites (Core & YM Course)

December 2-4 – at Regional Sites (Core & YM Course)


January Term 2022

January 19-22 – at Austin Seminary (Elective Course)


Spring 2022

February 7-11 – 5-day Intensive at Austin Seminary (Core & YM Course)

March 24-26 – at Regional Sites (Core & YM Course)

April 28-30 – at Regional Sites (Core & YM Course)

2022-2023 Dates 


Summer Term 2022

August 4-6 – at Nashville Extensive Site (Elective Course)



September 12-16 – 5-day Intensive at Austin Seminary (Core & YM Course)

October 13-15 – at Regional Sites (Core & YM Course)

December 1-3 – at Regional Sites (Core & YM Course)


January Term 2023

January 19-21 – at Austin Seminary (Elective)


Spring 2023

February 6-10 – 5-day Intensive at Austin Seminary (Core & YM Course)

March 23-25 – at Regional Sites (Core & YM Course)

April 27-29 – at Regional Sites (Core & YM Course)


Need More Details?

How can I afford this?   Where will I live?   What is seminary like?   What youth ministry setting could I potentially be placed in?





Start your journey to enhancing your call as a professional youth minister


Applications for the Graduate Residency in Youth Ministry are always open. Our team begins reviewing applications for each upcoming year starting on August 15th. There are three phases to the process that evaluate the theological fit, clarity of call, academic ability, and practical readiness of all candidates.

**CYMT partners with congregations and individuals representing the theological views and diversity of mainline Protestant Christianity. We partner with mainline Protestant denominations including the United Methodist Church, Presbyterian (PCUSA), Cumberland Presbyterian, Lutheran (ECLA), Episcopal, Disciples of Christ, American Baptist, and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Our partner seminaries are Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.




Applications are due March 15th in order to be considered for Fall admission. You must be 21 years of age and have completed your undergrad degree before you begin the program.

Apply by November 15th for $500 off residency fees. 

Apply by January 15th for $250 off your residency fees.

Final applications are due by March 15th for consideration for Fall admission.



Applications are due by April 1 in order to be considered for Fall admission. You must be 21 years of age and have completed your undergrad degree before you begin the program.

Professional Education Residents must apply AS WELL AS their church, camp, or nonprofit. 

Phase 1

Phase 1 is comprised of an online application and questionnaire that gives CYMT insights into your theological fit, the clarity of your call, and your practical experience. The online application takes 30 – 45 minutes to complete. It also requires the submission of professional references and unofficial undergraduate transcripts. A $50 application fee (or submission of a referral code) is required with your application. After submission of the Phase 1 requirements, CYMT will contact you within three business days with a decision about advancement to Phase 2.

Phase 2

Phase 2 requirements include answering several short answer questions and writing an academic essay. After completing Phase 2, CYMT will contact you within ten days about whether or not you will advance to Phase 3.  

Phase 3

Phase 3 is a one-hour interview with some of our leadership staff. After the interview, CYMT will be in touch within 10 business days about your acceptance to the program.


Connect with Current Residents, Alumni, & Staff

Engage in the various connection points provided so that you can ask questions, meet current residents and alumni, and learn if CYMT is the next step in your professional youth ministry journey.


DEA WATHEN | Admissions Director

Email Dea



TIFFANY MALONE | Residency Support Coordinator

Email Tiffany



Schedule a Call with Admissions


Explore CYMT

Our CYMT ‘Exploratory Weekends’ have traditionally been a time for interested individuals to learn more about CYMT by experiencing the residency in real-time during one of our academic intensives. These weekends have helped individuals discern whether CYMT is the right next step in their journey and to connect with current residents, professors, and alumni. Due to COVID, we unfortunately will not be hosting our traditional Exploratory Weekend this year. However, we are excited to offer some experiences virtually so those interested in our program can still experience what it’s like to be a resident in CYMT.



Interested in learning more? Check out when a CYMT representative will be in your area! Below are the current dates for upcoming virtual career fairs attended by a CYMT representative.

View Dates


If you really want the inside scoop on the Graduate Residency in Youth Ministry, join us for a free Virtual Visit! Twice a month, we host free informational Virtual Visits over Zoom where you can hear from current residents, staff, professors, or alumni. You will have a change to ask questions about their experience in the program, and speak with our admissions staff.

Join Next Visit


You’ll be able to sit in on courses to hear first-hand the material that is covered while you are a resident in CYMT. We try to have plenty of options for classes, with the professor’s discretion.

Sit in on an upcoming class


We want you to know that community is important to CYMT and that always should include some fun! Our CYMT community is more like a family and each intensive we always include a fun opportunity to let loose after classes.. Each month we will have something offered such as lunch and/or coffee with current residents,  Jackbox games, etc.


Behind every CYMT resident, there is a team of supporters.

CYMT is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that equips youth ministers and communities of faith to develop innovative, effective, theologically-informed youth ministries. CYMT’s Graduate Residency in Youth Ministry program allows students to graduate debt-free, with a masters degree, and with at least 3 years of professional experience. This is accomplished through the generous partnership with our partner ministries and the contributions of our individual donors.





Announcements, Events, & Resources

Check out other ways to connect through social media where we share resident highlights and special announcements. You can also receive youth ministry resources like downloadable tools and guides through our email sign-up! Additionally, use the Remind App to get direct notifications sent to your phone for reminders of important dates like application deadlines or virtual visits you’re attending.