Tools, education, and resources YOU need to meet and empower today’s teens.

Effective, innovative youth ministry is essential for engaging with today’s youth. We are dedicated to providing YOU the tools and training you need to reach them.




The CYMT 2022 GivingTuesday campaign will support under-resourced communities who can’t afford the graduate residency program.  Our GivingTuesday goal is to raise $15,000 as a matching grant for one under-resourced ministry for one year.  This partnership will make youth ministry happen in those communities Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!

We can only achieve this goal with your help.  Please invite others to give to our GivingTuesday campaign.  We can’t wait to celebrate the success of this campaign with you! If you’d rather not wait for GivingTuesday, we have provided a handy “Donate Now” button just for you!




Today’s teens need leaders and spiritual tools that help them in authentic faith-formation.


Churches and local ministries are not meeting the spiritual needs of today’s teens. Whether it be from lack of understanding, education, & resources, or from unhealthy and dated forms of engagement – teens are left to navigate a challenging world where they feel lost and unheard, or without faith at all.

We simply cannot engage with youth without practical, theological, innovative tools and training.

Communities without equipped leaders risk leaving youth without relevant faith spaces to grow and mature in their faith. 

Leaders themselves risk burning out quickly in their faith calling because of lack of training, coaching and guidance.

And entire communities risk the future generation not having the emotional and spiritual support they need for navigating the world around them.

At CYMT, we equip leaders to minister, innovate, and engage with youth so that they may experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ leading to identity and purpose.



For ministries + new and experienced youth ministers

For ministries and community leaders

For teens, parents, and youth leaders





Graduate Residency in Youth Ministry – Practical and Theological Training for Youth Ministers

For individuals called to professional youth ministry in need of in-depth training and education.

3-year program including seminary education through strategic partner seminary + personalized coaching

Practical training in how to develop an effective and sustainable youth ministry program to diminish burnout

Curriculum and resources that address the needs of today’s teens through topics such as depression, loneliness, racism, identity, and more




Innovation Laboratory – Changing How Faith Communities Develop Ministry

For individuals and communities of faith needing to ‘break the mold’ and develop responsive, theologically informed, and transformative ministry.

Interactive and immersive opportunities for ministry leaders to understand the real needs of the youth and community around them

Pairs design-thinking from the business world into conversation with theology to provide data-driven research and dialogue.

A non-linear, 5-phase process for working in teams to create innovation solutions for new ways of ministry.



Theology Together – Disrupting Youth Ministry Culture

For both youth leaders AND youth seeking to dive into deep, meaningful theological reflection that yields an active faith.

Tools for both youth and adults that challenge the status-quo and creates space for thoughtful dialogue.

Resources for youth to help them develop a theological practice for understanding the world around them – helping to develop them as leaders, theologians, and active participants in their community.

Training, resources, books and curriculum for teaching youth how to process the hard and sticky parts of life through a theological lens. Topics such as justice, vocational discernment, and more.


Invest in Youth. Support essential youth ministry.

Young people need support now more than ever.

Your donations allow CYMT to continue our hands-on work to develop and equip leaders in young people’s lives and establish strong building blocks for future generations through modern, innovative youth ministry.




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