Holy Disruptions

A Different Kind of Curriculum…

Holy Disruptions positions teens as theologians. When youth have the space to enter into robust theological dialogues, it leads to innovative, relevant, and growth-minded youth ministries.

The Holy Disruptions Method


A disorienting dilemma shakes up our everyday assumptions allowing us to have a revelatory “WOW” moment where experiences are shared.


Reflection allows us to ask “why did that moment grip us and what does the rest of the world around us say about it”? It is a process that allows us to reflect on that WOW moment and calls us to investigate our responses and reactions to it.

Holy Disruption

Through reflection and conversation we are invited to ask what God says about the dilemma and how can we engaging and align with God’s vision and desires for the world. 

Through these three movements Holy Disruptions, as a curriculum and a method, is agile enough to be contextualized for each youth ministry program while remaining deeply rooted in the mosaic of Christian thought and belief.

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