by Deech Kirk
In the middle of Justin Beiber’s song “As Long as You Love Me,” sits the lyric:

But the grass ain’t always greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it.

I find this to be a profound statement and would love for you to ponder it with me for a second.
In a world that…abandons something because it is hard…wants it our way right away…and always wants what someone else has.
In a church where…we leave because we don’t like the new preacher, the music, what someone said, or because the vote didn’t go our way…we don’t start because it will be hard…we envy what another church appears to have that we don’t…and where “butts in seats” matter more than authentic followers of Christ.

Water Your Lawn

I try to keep a neat and tidy lawn with healthy plants and green grass. I water my yard. I don’t have a watering system like some of my neighbors, nor do I just let it die in the summer like the guy next door. I have a sprinkler that sprays in a circle. I have beautiful, thick, healthy grass in the middle of my yard. But on the edges, I get brown spots, dead grass, and weeds. It is so frustrating, but should I really be frustrated? The grass is growing exactly according to the amount of water it is receiving.
Is your church growing? Is it healthy? Are some areas healthier than others? Maybe we need to get out the water hose or at least the watering can.
Should we abandon ship or should we get to work? No church is perfect. But just like healthy people, healthy churches work out. They work “it” out. They do good work. They flex their muscles in worship and service.
“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It’s greener where you water it!” Who knew such words of wisdom could be in the middle of a pop song about a girl?
Where do you need to get out the watering can?