Editor’s Note:  This post and resource was originally published on Jun 30, 2020, and has been revised and updated for continual application.
We’ve created a Pandemic Youth Week curriculum bundle that combines elements of both a summer camp and a youth week.  Many youth are missing out on both of these due to cancelled camps and trips among other cancelled important events your youth would usually attend.  We’ve written this curriculum such that it can be used in person while socially distancing, online, or some combination of both.  Really, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity if you think about it!  
For just $3.99 you get to download the following bundle of resources:
+ 5 days of curriculum and each day includes: 

Morning worship elements

Daily TikTok created for each day tied to the daily theme

Downloadable devotional to accompany the daily devotional

Daily editable devotional

Daily challenges tied to the devotional that involve youth serving and loving their community

Socially distanced in person game suggestion

Online game suggestion or download

Social media posts

+ A guide explaining how to use the curriculum including adaptations you can make whether you’re in person, online, or some combination of both.  The guide also provides how to equip your youth to lead the devotionals themselves if you so choose!  The morning and afternoon/evening sessions are each meant to last about 1-1.5 hours.  During the day, the participants are challenged to complete the daily challenges.
+ A supplies list so that you can prepare for the week whether you are attempting some gatherings in person OR if you want to provide a Youth Week BOX with all the supplies needed for each participant!
+ A social media packet so you have the materials you need to promote this event to your youth and so your youth and families could promote this event to their neighborhoods should they choose!
+ A post-Youth Week follow up mini-lesson to share with your youth to continue processing the week and invite them to keep loving their neighbors!
The theme of the curriculum is “Love Your Neighbors.”  While many people are still sheltering in place or at least limiting their travel and interaction with others, people can still reasonably gather with nearby neighbors outside.  Communities continue to support one another during this time, so we are providing young people with a theological framework and some practical how-to’s that encourage them to do so too!  We’ve written this curriculum in such a way that a family could invite others in their neighborhood to participate in elements of it or the whole thing.
+ The daily themes and scripture passages are as follows (and include talking points on justice issues, race, loneliness, selflessness, calling, service, and mission):

    • Theme: Welcome to the neighborhood! 
    • Scripture: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 


    • Theme: Who is a neighbor? 
    • Scripture: Galatians 3:26-29


    • Theme: What is a neighbor? 
    • Scripture: Luke 10:25-37


    • Theme: Can I disagree with my neighbor?  
    • Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:26-31 


    • Theme: How can I be a good neighbor? 
    • Scripture: Matthew 25:34-40 



If you have any questions about the curriculum, reach out to Lindsay Brooks, Resource & Operations Director, at lindsay@cymt.org.

Authors on this project:  Rev. Dietrich Kirk, Paige Bach, Leta Williams, Diane Maloney, and Lindsay Brooks