by Andrew Mochrie

Andrew is the leader of the Theology Together Program at CYMT as well as a veteran youth worker.

Don’t Forget, You Matter Too

It’s here! Summer. You’re confident it’ll be another blockbuster, another couple months filled with the adrenaline of going from trip to trip. Summer brings less weekly programming and more mountain top experiences with teenagers from near to far, friends of friends come out of the woodwork for the summer. You’re staffed up, interns ready to be dispatched for the few weeks you have at home base.

It’s exciting but it’s also exhausting and stressful. The logistics. The last minute volunteer changes. The out of the blue two weeks notice your associate director or middle school pastor just gave you. You grin, you bear it, and you make sure the show goes on and teenagers and adults have the life changing experiences you’ve been planning since last summer.

That’s a lot my friend and I know you tell people you’re okay but are you really? How are you caring for yourself in the middle of youth ministry’s high holy season?

It’s easy to say I don’t have time. I have to wait until I get to the end. But we all know that once you’re there it’s less rest and more collapse from sheer exhaustion. I know how you feel. Where do you find the time as you hop off one bus, do laundry (hopefully) and get on another the next morning? You planned to be fully staffed allowing you space to find some summer rest but those last minute staffing changes or the occasional flaky intern has made that a pipe dream.

Breathe. You got this!

Also, there is time for you and for you to do things that bring you life and be with those that give you life even in the midst of a busy summer. It may only be a couple days and you may have to delegate and not go into the office and that’s okay because you matter and so does your own personal well being. Remember you’ve spent all year planning and prepping and every year comes with its own challenges but, be honest, it almost always goes as well if not better than planned. So take some time for yourself this summer in the middle of everything.

Think of finding this time as one of those speed boosters on a hot wheels track.

Give yourself a little bit of energy and care so at the end you’re not crawling but bidding those interns farewell, turning in those last van keys, and sending off that final bus driver with enough gas in the tank to enjoy the week or more off you having coming your way. And yes it’s okay to take a little bit more. Summer is going to be amazing, it always is. So enjoy but don’t forget you matter too so don’t hold off on taking care of yourself when you have a chance!