by Steph Dodge 9/28/17
It’s a new school year, and these Back to School Prayer Stations can help your students process their worries and excitement, and prepare them to start a new year. Open the service with the Back to School liturgy from The Book of Uncommon Prayer 2 or with a liturgy like this one, then invite your students to go through these four prayer stations.
Click here to download the Back to School Prayer Stations.
-Alka-Seltzer tablets – one for each student
-A few glasses of water
-Scrabble game
-Play-Doh – enough for each participant
Give each station plenty of space so that your students are not crowded. If possible, use multiple rooms or one large room. The “Take What You Need” pages (3-8) should be cut so that each “need” can be pulled off by the student.