A Deep Dive Into a God View on the Wow

The fourth step in the Theology Together’s Wow Theological Reflection Method is “God.” After exposing youth and youth leaders to a disorienting experience. After allowing young people to share their “wow” stories. And after examining what “the world” has to say about them. It is time to discover what God thinks. Waiting for this step fourth, instead of starting out with it, means that youth and youth leaders are already engaged in the discussion. Everyone is willing and ready to discuss and understand theology.
In “God,” we ask youth and youth leaders to consider God’s perspective. We push participants to state what they think God’s perspective on the situation might be and their reasons for believing this. We ask questions like:

  • How do you think God views the people involved?
  • What in the situation might make God: Angry? Smile? Sad?
  • What/whom might God challenge or show compassion to in the story?
  • What do you believe Christ would have done or said if he were in the story?
  • How was God’s love experienced (or not) by people in the story?
  • What truth might God want to speak into the story?
  • How was God at work in the story?
This moment leads to powerful conversations (and sometimes debates) about scripture, theology, and our world. The discussion engages students and their leaders because they’re considering God within the context of something that happened right before their eyes . Reflections, here, aren’t vague or surface level. Rather than reflections about God’s general providence and compassion, the reflection dives deeper to explore God’s providence and compassion for particular people and situations. Even those who didn’t experience the “wow” story can take part in this reflection on God’s perspective.
In this step, youth and youth leaders recognize God’s view. Then, they compare and contrast God’s view with that of their culture and personal beliefs. Only then can we proceed to the final step in the process.