BY: Anna Kathryn Simmons


CYMT has something spectacular to celebrate: we have a new class of residents! We know God is at work in each of our new graduate residents. As they begin their journeys as youth ministers at partner churches throughout the southeast and Texas, we ask that you join us in praying for them by name.

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“I grew up in the youth ministry of Brentwood UMC, the church which helped start CYMT.  I loved being in youth group, but I never thought the work of youth ministry was for me, and thus never even realized the impact CYMT was having on Youth Ministry as a profession.

I left for college and during that time I slowly discerned God’s call on my life to pursue youth ministry.  While my heart was stirring, my brain was still questioning.  I slowly made my way back to Deech and to so many others who were a part of CYMT and I started listening to what God was doing in this program.  I am already amazed at how, in a field where it is so easy to be in competition and to turn churches against each other, CYMT emphasizes community and celebration.

God has called me to work with youth. I undoubtedly saw the positive Christian impact adults had in my young life, and as I grew up, my heart broke for people who didn’t have that.

Joining CYMT gives me an opportunity to step out in my faith to explore and serve as I know God has called, while also giving me the tools to be successful in that faith.”

-Olivia Keffer, Incoming CYMT Graduate Resident, Class of 2022






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