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As we continue our series on Volunteers, hear from two veteran youth workers and one real-life volunteer on how to recruit, train, celebrate, and retain volunteers better!  This resource is a free download of the audio and slides from the 2019 Cultivate workshop, “Volunteers are Awesome”.  You can listen to just the audio or follow along with slide notes. Here are just a few of the topics discussed:

  1. Why it’s important to think about recruiting as inviting instead 
  2. Why clear expectations and job descriptions are key for volunteer roles
  3. How building loyalty with and care for your volunteers can help your volunteer retention  
  4. How to equip volunteers to be partners not just helpers

Authors of this workshop: Rev. Toby Chastain, Rev. Regina Girten, and Neil McIntire. Click on the author’s name for bios and other work!

Download your free version of the “Volunteers are Awesome” workshop!

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