Turn Your To-Do List Upside Down



As I was meeting with one of our graduate residents at the Center for Youth Ministry Training (CYMT) this past week, he talked about how hard a time he was having fitting time with God into his schedule.

He rattled off the things he needed to do for work, for himself, and for others. Deech “what’s going to give? where will God fit?”

He had a plan. I’ll get up earlier…
Alarm snooze #1 – Exercise
Alarm snooze #2 – Time with God
Alarm snooze #3 – just 5 more minutes

My suggestion – turn your to-do list upside down. If you are like me, the things at the bottom of the list are the ones that can get pushed off till tomorrow.

I’m as guilty as my friend of pushing God off till tomorrow, but today I’m turning my list upside down and starting at the top.


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