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Summer: Service, Connection, Theological Reflection, and Fun

These are a few words that describe what our Graduate Resident Youth Ministers have been up to this summer and are also characteristic of what your future could look like if you join CYMT’s Graduate Residency in Youth Ministry.

Below are some brief snippets of what our Residents and Alumni had to say about their summer:

Third Year Graduate Resident and Youth Director at Bee Creek UMC, Kaleigh Welch said this:

“My group went to San Antonio and did home renovations with Blueprint Ministries. One team re-shingled a roof and the other did siding. This trip was so special because the students got to reconnect after this past year and experience serving together again. The bonds created and strengthened have led to a renewed commitment to each other and the ministry and they even made a group chat that is still going strong!”

Alumnus and Director of Youth Ministry at Vestavia Hills UMC, Jeremiah Stone said this:

My group went to the Appalachian Service Project. “It was our 50th year to serve at ASP. We are the second longest serving church with ASP. We now have generations of parents who have served when they were students and are now serving as adults. Our students have really been impacted by making homes warmer, safer, and drier. We did a lot of roofing, decking, and siding.  

This year we had to split our teams because there wasn’t a center that could house all of us. We took 90 people. We were able to meet up together half way through the week and recognize seniors and share stories which was a special moment because we were able to share stories of our experiences in different settings- one rural and one urban. That time together was impactful for all.”

Alumnus and Director of Next Generational Ministry at Providence Presbyterian Church, Paige Bach said this:

My group went to Montreat Youth Conference. “ The theme for Montreat this summer was “Called to Connect” and it was just amazing to see how that theme of connectedness kept showing up. Every night in our home group time, multiple students would talk about different points of connection they had seen without even realizing they were directly quoting the theme. It was definitely a God thing to constantly be reminded of our connectedness.”

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