Setting Your Preventative Maintenance Calendar

BY: Dietrich Kirk


Your ministry needs a maintenance calendar just like your car does.  When you buy a new car, it comes with a reminder list with things like:

A maintenance calendar is a great tool for you to have for your ministry. CYMT likes to call it a Preventative Maintenance Calendar, because just like doing the things for your car will help keep it from breaking down, doing these things for your ministry will keep it moving smoothly.

A Preventative Maintenance Calendar is a list of all the things that need to happen behind the scenes for everything to get done. Many of the tasks are informed by your ministry calendar, but instead of dates when something happens a Preventative Maintenance Calendar has task completion dates for each of your events and programs. If done well, a Preventative Maintenance Calendar should inform most of your planning and provide you a monthly guide for tasks you need to be working on.

Here is a sample Preventative Maintenance Calendar:













Create Your Own

To create your own Preventative Maintenance Calendar, start by placing annual organizational items into the appropriate months. When will you begin recruiting volunteers for the fall? When is your goal for having them all in place? When will you complete your calendar for the upcoming year? When will you create a curriculum plan and order it for the upcoming year? When are your parents meetings? Volunteer trainings?

Next, take your event calendar and plug in the organizational items related to each event. When do you need to have your Major Event Coordinator recruited? When do you need to have your t-shirts designed and ordered? When is the finance committee meeting so you can get permission for the fundraiser? When do you need to publicize the ski trip? When do you need to book the location for the lock-in?

Create a Preventative Maintenance Calendar and then use it to keep you on task and your ministry will run like a well-oiled machine!


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