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First Presbyterian Church - Nashville, TN

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Church Description:

Members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) denomination (PCUSA) are followers of Jesus Christ, something we share with all Christians. We celebrate this Christ as Head of the Church. With other Christians, we believe that God became known in human history in three ways, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, known as the Trinity.

Presbyterians are guided in their common life together by the Bible, which we believe to be the Word of God written, the unique and authoritative witness to Jesus Christ. Where this Word is read and proclaimed, Jesus Christ the Living Word is present by the inward witness of the Holy Spirit.

As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ is the reconciler of God and humanity. By His death on a cross, He obtained forgiveness for all wrongs. By Christ’s resurrection, we believe He offers new life and eternal life. We believe that the Christian life begins in the power of an open tomb and the celebration of a good, yet just and forgiving God.

Presbyterians also lean heavily on the sovereignty of God, believing our Lord has a purpose in all arenas of life such as the arts, culture, the political arena, personal ethics and societal ethics.

We believe the Kingdom of God is both an inner personal reality and an outward community with boundaries by God’s grace. A strong sense of missional involvement has always characterized Presbyterian Christianity.

Presbyterians believe there are two sacraments, both given and endorsed by Jesus Christ. The sacrament of Baptism symbolizes our initial belonging to Christ and cleansing by Him. We believe baptism is for both adults and children who are nurtured in the Christian faith. The other sacrament, the Lord’s Supper, recognizes our continuing need to be reminded of the forgiving grace of God through the cross of Jesus.

Our mission is to share by our words and our deeds the life and power of Jesus Christ so that all may come to embrace Him and acknowledge Him as Lord of all.

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Job Description:

Position Summary:

Through Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, God pursues all of humanity in reconciled relationship. Modeled after God’s passionate pursuit, the FPC youth director accomplishes the youth ministry mission “. . .to engage 100% of the youth under the Church’s care . . .” by providing day-to-day leadership and support for the FPC Youth Ministry, working with young adults, youth, parents, staff and volunteers serving in the Youth Ministry as well as implementing a thriving, healthy youth ministry program that expands the participation of FPC youth and their families in the greater  life of the church.



Relationships & Pastoral Care

  • Takes initiative to build relationships with students, creating opportunities for contact with at least five students “on their turf” each week.
  • Knows 90 percent of the youth in the youth directory and 60 percent of their parents by name.
  • Knows 100% of the volunteers by name, providing regular support, gratitude and encouragement.


Program Leadership

  • Offers a staff presence in Sunday school classrooms and teaches Sunday school on a regular basis.
  • Leads at least two small group Bible studies with at least one additional adult volunteer.
  • Organizes worship leadership on trips, retreats and Sunday mornings.
  • Assists with all of the following responsibilities and administers two or more based on the Director’s individual giftedness:
    • Small Group Bible Study Ministry Coordination
    • Youth Mission Programming and Retreat Coordination
    • Student Leadership and College Intern Program
    • Sunday School and Youth in Worship Coordination including Parent/Youth Classes
    • Social Media Presence Management
    • Church League Basketball Program


Church Ministry Team

  • Participates as a collaborative member of the overall church staff and youth program team by attending and engaging in staff and program meetings.
  • Attends and supports all churchwide events, providing support as needed.
  • Leads as a part of the Youth Ministry staff by participating in all-youth ministry events, as well as select trips and retreats.
  • Ordinarily, leads at least two summer mission trips each year and participates in all retreats during the school year.
  • Worships alongside youth and families each Sunday at the 8:30 or 11:00 a.m. worship services.
  • Is well-prepared to serve as a part of the Youth Ministry team by (1) committing the Youth Ministry mission statement, values, motto and theme scripture to memory, and (2) reading at least one youth ministry book each year.
  • Collaborates with the youth staff in developing creative programming and new initiatives to accomplish the Youth Ministry mission more faithfully.
  • Attends annual youth staff visioning retreat.
  • Serves as a part of the Youth Ministry team by participating in and implementing major Youth Ministry events with enthusiasm (e.g., Fall Kick Off, Ski trips, Mission trips, Crud Day, etc.).


Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Provides supervisory direction and support to all Sunday morning and small group Bible study volunteers.
  • Supervise youth and provide guidance for volunteers on retreats and trips, etc.
  • Direct and guide summer college interns.



  • Communicates the good news of the Christian faith with warmth, humor, and effectiveness
  • Demonstrates ability to foster meaningful relationship across a diverse age spectrum of youth, youth parents, college students and young adults
  • Knows of the theological tradition of the PCUSA, the basics of the Bible and Christian Doctrine.
  • Enthusiastically affirms the Youth Ministry’s vision, motto, values, and wildly important goals.
  • Performs multiple tasks simultaneously with many interruptions
  • Leads and facilitates small groups in Sunday School, Bible Studies, Mission Trip Work Groups, etc.
  • Manages projects and programs in an effective and efficient manner
  • Executes major events and trips involving multiple details and volunteers
  • Maintains healthy relationships with co-workers, young adults, youth, parents, and volunteers
  • Recruits and trains a team of volunteers to complete assigned tasks
  • Uses Microsoft Word and the basics of the internet and email (required)
  • Uses Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel (preferred).


Position Qualifications

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience: At least 2 years of experience working in youth ministry of some kind.


Position Values

  • Faith – shares a passionate love for God through Jesus Christ sustained by the Holy Spirit
  • Initiative – visualizes and takes next steps in both problem solving and relationship building
  • Perseverance – recognizes that it takes ten calls to get to one “yes”
  • Work Ethic – works until the task is completed
  • Hostess / Host mentality – arrives before (setting up) stays after (leaves it better than before)
  • Team Player – collaborates on strategy and implements plans once play has been called
  • Sabbath – receives rest and pursues restorative rhythms through worship, prayer, and fellowship
  • Called – serves out of an authentic sense of the Holy Spirit’s call on their life
  • Self-aware – possesses a growing understanding of their own feelings and needs
  • Integrity – practices authenticity with honesty and courage even when it is inconvenient


Physical Demands:  The typical youth staff member will endure several nights each year with minimal sleep, particularly on retreats and trips with students.  In addition, there will be seasons when the physical demands of the youth ministry can be exhausting, particularly when preparing for a major event or multiple major events.  Assisting event volunteers with clean up and staff clean up days (which takes place multiple times through the year) can require some heavy lifting as the staff person’s ability allows.  It is the church’s expectation work will be limited to an average of 3 nights a week (excluding trips and retreats).

Work Environment: The work environment for this position is representative of those a church youth ministry employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.  While performing the duties of this job, the employee will work both indoors in an open area office setting as well as away from the office.  The volume level in the work environment is often noisy with frequent interruptions and loud conversations, which can affect one’s ability to focus on computer work, hear phone conversations, and concentrate on work at the desk.

Evaluation: Performance reviews will be conducted annually by the Associate Pastor to Youth and their Families.

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