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Trinity Church - Wenatchee, WA

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Church Description:

We are a small church looking for a youth director, and we are a bit unique in central Washington: liturgical, multi-generational, discipleship oriented, and – for example – taking our high school girls (11 of them, ages 14-17) on a pilgrimage this summer in England (where they will be opening a pilgrimage path with their Evensong chanting for 7 days of walking and 7 nights of singing) and then to a week of worship-camp in Taize, France. Are you with me – see how we don’t exactly know how to describe ourselves?

In addition to doing the weird medieval-liturgical thing, we are smack dab in a very poor hispanic neighborhood – and we have no hispanics in our ACNA church – but are very prayerful if someone were to lead us in cross-cultural mission right out our front door.

Are you looking to do something totally different? Do you want to be part of a healthy church? Can you work to help ALL the generations do something together (our current monthly youth night involves a different “older” person sharing their testimony with the youngers)? Do you like to work outside the box (want to start a business with the youth?!)?

We want someone mature who isn’t just the rah-rah up front person, but who thinks theologically about youth ministry and wants to work on a great team.

Average Attendance: 250  No. of Active Youth: 50

Job Description:

The Youth Director is responsible for Jr. High and High School ministries (7th-12th grade) at Trinity Church. Through smaller weekly discipleship groups, larger twice-monthly gatherings, and an annual mission trip, this person oversees the development and nurturing of teenagers as they grow in Christ. The primary role involves working directly with youth and parents, empowering and giving volunteers a vision, creating meaningful opportunities for intergenerational relationships, and developing curriculum / finding resources. We are looking for a self-starter who can bring youth and adults (not just parents) alongside them, build teams, initiate, and wants to think creatively about ministry models.

The Youth Director is also a part of Trinity Church staff participating in various areas of leadership, spiritual formation, meetings, and practical ministry. While their expertise is in youth, they have knowledge and discernment in other areas of church life.

Hours: Full-time (40 hours / week)

Compensation: Starting Salary is $42,000 + benefits

Duties & Responsibilities:
• Lead discipleship group(s) and coordinate leaders for other discipleship groups
• Plan and execute monthly multi-generational gatherings, seasonal mission trips, &
outdoor adventures
• Create and/or find curriculum for discipleship groups & Sunday gatherings (Grades 7-12)
• Work with the Lead Pastor to oversee the Confirmation process for teenagers
• Facilitate participation and integration of youth into the Body of Trinity Church
• Identify within our parish apprenticeships and work opportunities for youth, places to
serve, natural partnerships, and mentors

• Recruit, train, and coordinate volunteers
• Process and manage background checks for youth volunteers, as well as create a climate
of transparency

• Clearly communicate with parents/guardians/families so that they are informed and
• Equip parents, partnering with them to raise our children in the faith

Our Ideal Youth Director:
• Someone who loves Jesus
• A pastoral person who believes in discipleship more than entertainment, but also likes
to have fun!
• A natural leader
• Someone who can facilitate opportunities for deep relationships between parents,
teenagers, and the older generation.
• Somebody who sees their role in part as equipping parents, partnering with them to
raise our children
• A self-starter who doesn’t need to be micro-managed, but is neither a maverick
• They build trust
• They like to listen, build consensus with others, and be prayerfully decisive
• They know when to speed up, and when to slow down
• They see their work not as a specialized ministry to youth, but one vital part of nurturing
the whole body of Christ
• They see ministry as a multi-generational calling
• They can lead and inspire older and younger people to engage with one another
• They understand the Godspeed “Pace of Being Known” as essential to Kingdom work
• They like to work hard and play hard, in both ways resting in Christ

• Eager to embrace the cultural diversity of our parish, and would ideally bilingual in Spanish and English
• A heart not only for the church, but also the parish

Salary Range: $42,000+

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