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St Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church and School- Houston, TX

Job Type: Full-Time   Posted: 4 months ago   Denomination: Episcopal

Church Description:

St Thomas is looking to resurrect formal programming for children, youth, and families after the COVID quarantine and after the unpleasant departure of our previous youth director 2 years ago. We have three active scouting units that the church supports, a prek3-5th grade school that is expanding to middle grades, and a neighborhood that is undergoing significant demographic shifts in favor of younger families. We hope to help develop a minister who simultaneously develops the children, youth, and families of our church, school, and community and have deep support for family ministry, energetically, financially, and spiritually. Our youth and children serve in mature roles as lectors, chalice bearers, choir members, community service leaders, and we have a critical mass of families to deepen and enrich the programming that we presently offer and expand upon it.

Following the example of Christ, we are an open and inclusive community that

WELCOMES all into the community of Christ,
WORSHIPS in the dynamic Episcopal tradition,
LEARNS the Christian faith, and
SERVES our neighbors and the world.

We can do more together!

Average Attendance: 203  No. of Active Youth: 7

Job Description:

Position Purpose: The Pastoral Associate assists the Rector in ministering to the educational, spiritual, pastoral, liturgical, and sacramental needs of the parish, with a special focus on youth (parishioners aged 11-18), young adults (parishioners aged 18-35) and their families.
Accountability: The Pastoral Associate works under the direct supervision of the Rector and reports solely to him/her. The Pastoral Associate serves as the second program staff and represents the Rector at all functions when the Rector is not present. In the absence of a Rector (i.e., resignation or retirement), the Pastoral Associate reports to the Senior Warden.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
1. Provides direct leadership to the parish youth and children’s ministries. Recruits, trains, and nurtures, adult leaders of the ministry groups and works closely with them in providing meaningful programs.
2. Interfaces with community service partners and the parish, takes leadership with the quarterly Service Summit Committee, and looks to expand and enrich service to the community. Serves as information hub for the service teams, empowering, equipping, and inspiring its members, and keeping the rector apprised of all relevant information.
3. Supervises and oversees the Christian Formation Committee, its programs and budget for children, and young people, insuring a thoughtful, engaging curriculum for all ages. Supervises Children’s Ministries’ program and budget.

Role Responsibilities
The specific responsibilities of the position include but are not limited to:

Worship & Liturgy
1. Plans the liturgies of the church year with the Rector
2. Trained as a verger, LEM, and LEV, assists in leading worship at select Sunday Services, as desired.
3. Shares with the Rector in scheduled mid-week services
4. Serves with the rector on the Liturgy Council
5. Leads and/or supervises Godly Play.

Pastoral Care
1. Provides, in coordination with the rector, pastoral visits to parishioners who are hospitalized, home-bound, or in crisis.
2. Provides particular attention & care to young families, youth and families, and young adults.
3. Oversees data entry and rely into the qualitative membership directory for pastoral ministry by the Pastoral Associate and Rector.

Youth, Young Adults, and Families
1. Provides direct ministry to the parish youth through a meaningful Sunday morning educational experience and regular meetings for fellowship and nurture. Recruits and trains parishioners to assist in youth ministry. Oversees annual service trips or pilgrimages. Oversees the Youth Ministry
2. Supervises and directs the work of Children’s Ministries and the budget.
3. Assists the rector in Christian Formation, working closely to provide a meaningful, engaging, and integrated program for all ages. This includes selecting topics for the Adult Forum, recruiting speakers/presenters, etc.
4. Oversees all budgets pertaining to youth, children, and young adults.
5. Assists the rector in communicating, promoting, and debriefing church programs and opportunities to serve inside and outside the parish.

Other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills & Ability.
Good communication skills and a congenial personality are essential. The person must be self-motivated and able to inspire others, someone who is well-organized yet able to respond appropriately to a flexible and changing environment. This person must be able to relate well with children, teenagers, and young adults as well as older members of the parish. A moderate level of computer literacy is required.
Education, Training, & Experience.
A bachelor’s degree and theological training from an accredited seminary/diocesan institution or equivalent is preferred. Some experience of classroom teaching is highly desired, but not required. Previous experience in ordained ministry is not required.
Work Environment:
The environment is an office setting. Home visitations, hospital calls, and overnight outings may be part of the work environment.

Family Ministry Vision
Core values
Inclusivity and affirmation of all the cost of none
Fun and introductions to exploration
Meaningful study, work, worship, and mentorship
Connect students and families with life-enriching study and mentorship through the liturgy and language of the Episcopal Church
Mentor students in leadership with the church and community
Empower students to be self-directed in programming, outreach, and ministry
Introduce and debrief diverse communities, faith practices, and experiences
Provide a safe space for students to grow into their core identity and God-given talents and values
Annual service trip couched in reflection and prepared for throughout the year
Opportunities for trust building and fun as a community throughout the year
Connections to St Thomas and the larger church through leadership and participation
Youth-owned projects/aspects within the Clear Lake Community
Regular, weekly meetings
Recruitment and cultivation of volunteers to assist in leadership and mentoring

The Application Process

1. Please submit a cover letter identifying your interest in the position and St Thomas as a parish, along with a current resume/ C.V.. to the Rev. Mike Stone:
2. Please offer responses to the following questions in fewer than 750 words:
a. How do you practice incorporating others in ministry?
b. How do you care for your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being?
c. What is your ideal work environment?
d. How do you understand the Gospel?
e. What seven attributes best describe you?
f. Write about a successful initiative you have taken in ministry.
g. Write about a mistake you have made in ministry. What did you learn?
3. Our committee will schedule interviews on a rolling basis with a summer start date in mind. It is likely that the successful candidate will be interviewed more than once and asked to demonstrate lesson planning and leadership in a second interview.
4. References will consulted with permission alongside the second interview.

Questions about the position, parish, or process? Please contact the Rev. Mike Stone at either 281-333-2384 or

Salary Range: 45000-60000

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