Job Type: Full-Time   Posted: 2 months ago   Denomination: Presbyterian (PCUSA)

Church Description:

DOWNTOWN CHURCH is a vibrant, unfinished, curious group of people who don’t fit in any human made box. We are a church of about 600 members. We are 10 years old, still growing, and discerning God’s plans for us. We are a younger church made up of folks from a variety of backgrounds with a wide variety of beliefs.

Our 5 things you should know about us are:

We welcome all people from all places, wherever they are on their life journey.
We are a work in progress, committed to following Jesus.
We ask honest questions and find God as we seek answers.
We follow Christ by serving and interacting with our neighbors in downtown Columbia.
We strive to shape culture as it shapes us.

Average Attendance: 350  No. of Active Youth: 50

Job Description:


DOWNTOWN CHURCH PC(USA) of Columbia South Carolina is looking for a motivated, engaging, and creative director of YOUTH and TINY THEOLOGIANS. This person will work closely with the Associate Pastor for Faith Formation to continue to grow and build our programs and activities for our church members under the age of 18.

We are looking for someone who…

Loves God and loves working with youth and kids.
Is a great communicator both to youth and their parents.
Has a good understanding of the Christian Reformed Faith, but also a level of humility not feeling like she/he needs to know all the answers.
Is authentic, genuine, and compassionate.
Is fun and brings energy working in a creative environment with a small team of passionate employees.
Interested candidates should submit a resume and a list of three references to the Associate Pastor

Job Description
HOURS: Full Time
SALARY: 38,000-40,000 + Benefits (varies depending on experience) BENEFITS: Full Health Insurance
REPORTS TO: Associate Pastor for Faith Formation
OVERSEES: Volunteers for all YOUTH and TT Events

YOUTH (Middle and High School)
● Work with Associate Pastor in leading Confirmation annually.
● Coordinate regular gatherings for the YOUTH.
● Work with Associate Pastor in planning and leading Montreat High School Conference each summer.
● Initiate and lead any fall/spring retreats for YOUTH.
● Lead the YOUTH council.
● Maintain a healthy level of connection with the YOUTH and always follow DTC Child Protection policies in
doing so.
● Support YOUTH through attending sporting events, concerts, taking YOUTH out to dinner/lunch, and
growing in relationships through fellowship and care.
● Assist Associate Pastor in any YOUTH related pastoral care.
● Work with Associate Pastor to provide support for the families of YOUTH.

TINY THEOLOGIANS (7-11 year olds)
● Initiate, plan, and lead regular (weekly/bi-weekly) gatherings for TINY THEOLOGIANS.
● Work alongside Associate Pastor to develop faith-based curriculums for activities.
● Be open to engaging with TINY THEOLOGIANS outside of church for ice cream, meals, etc.
● Assist Associate Pastor in any TINY THEOLOGIAN related pastoral care.
● Work with Associate Pastor to provide support for the families of TINY THEOLOGIANS.

● Manage parent/volunteer communication for YOUTH and TINY THEOLOGIAN Activities.
○ Email, Phone, Text, Groupme, Instagram
● Manage database for YOUTH and TINY THEOLOGIAN information.
● Work with the Associate Pastor and Faith Formation committee to plan larger events.
● Participate in yearly Child Protection Policy Training and ensure all volunteers are trained.
● Sit on the Faith Formation Committee.

● Participate in worship liturgy around once a month.
● Have an active presence at worship, reaching out to the YOUTH, Tiny Theologians and their parents during
Holy Interruption, before and after service.

● Lead and coordinate opportunities for the YOUTH to serve both alone and intergenerationally.
○ Transitions, Home Works, Harvest Hope, etc.
● Coordinate any summer mission trips that the faith formation committee sees fit.
● Host 4 events per year for adults and/or intergenerational groups to serve in and learn from the community.

● Plan and lead any fundraising events and efforts that support the YOUTH program and its mission and
service opportunities.

Salary Range: 38,000-40,000 +Full Benefits

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