Director/Minister of Children, Youth, and Families

Claremont United Church of Christ - Claremont, CA

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Church Description:

Dear Applicant,

We are thrilled that you are considering employment at Claremont United Church of Christ as our Director/Minister of Children, Youth, and Families. We want to share a little about our church so that you can share in our excitement about all of the wonderful ministry happening here. Claremont United Church of Christ was established in 1891 by Congregationalists who came to California to start Pomona College across the street from our campus. At the time it was the only church in Claremont and was known lovingly as The Claremont Church. As the surrounding area has grown through the years, our church has always been trusted by the wider community because of our commitment to civic engagement and social justice and the wide welcome we extend to everyone. People know that if they need a space to help launch a non-profit or need someone to help rally around a cause, they come to Claremont United Church of Christ. Claremont is known as a quaint, college town with progressive values.

When we came to Claremont United Church of Christ in 2016, the church was looking for pastors to help lead them into a period of growth and rejuvenation. Claremont United Church of Christ had once been the largest church in our denomination in the state of California, but several leadership transitions from 2006-2016 led to a decline in worship attendance below 200. In the last three years, worship attendance has more than doubled and averages over 400 each week with 800+ members and is now the largest church by worship attendance in our denomination in California once again. 70-80 new members are joining each year and along with all of that new growth is a boom in Sunday School attendance. Each week there are typically 10+ infants in our nursery and 35-40 children in our Sunday School program with over 100 children on our rosters. That number continues to grow. Our new junior high youth group is flourishing as well.

We are looking forward to working with someone who shares our passion for the church and investing in the lives of others, particularly our youngest. Our congregation is full of warm and hospitable people who will support you in your work. We are committed to dedicating resources to making sure our children and youth programs prosper. We hope to be supportive pastors working alongside you with the rest of our staff. We are looking for someone who can help provide spiritual nourishment for children and students at each stage of life; from engaging Sunday School lessons, to invigorating confirmation programs, to meaningful high school experiences. We pray that as we launch our students into the world, we have provided them a Christian foundation to be thinking, loving adults ready to shape the world.

Finally, we think Southern California is awesome! Depending on which direction you drive, we’re an hour away from Los Angeles, the beach, the mountains for hiking or skiing, wine country, and Palm Springs. We think you’ll love working at this church and living in this area. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Pastors Jen and Jacob

Average Attendance: 420  No. of Active Youth: 65

Job Description:

The Director/Minister of Children, Youth, and Families will help shape and lead a flourishing, comprehensive program for children ages 0-18 at Claremont United Church of Christ that helps guide students in their spiritual and moral development at each stage of life.


1. Sunday School

• Oversee the entire Sunday School program on Sunday mornings and special events.
• Recruit, train, support, and nurture volunteer lay teachers
• Order, prepare, and implement age-appropriate curriculum in each Sunday School classroom.
• Integrate music into Sunday School curriculum.
• Plan, organize, and execute annual Vacation Bible School.
• Engage visitors, enroll new children, and document and analyze attendance patterns.
• Develop and disseminate outreach materials to promote Sunday School, VBS, and camps.
• Work with the pastors to facilitate children’s participation in worship.
• Serve as staff liaison to the Board of Children, Youth, and Families.

2. Confirmation

• Lead confirmation classes each spring for students in 8th grade concluding the program with a confirmation retreat and composition of statements of faith.

3. Junior and Senior High Youth Groups.

• Lead and develop the CUCC youth program. Youth programming may, contingent on funding and interest, include the following:
o Weekly evening youth group
o Sunday morning activities during worship
o Domestic and international service trips
o Denominational events
o Interfaith activities
o Fellowship events
o Worship participation
• Be the primary leader of the senior high youth program.
• Recruit lay leaders to assist in supervising the youth program.
• Oversee the Junior High Youth Director and junior high programming.
• Communicate the activities and needs of the youth program to the CUCC staff and congregation via social media, electronic communication, and print media.
• Create and distribute three-month calendars of activities to parents and guardians of youth in the program.

4. Intergenerational Events and Camps

• Oversee participation of children and youth in major intergenerational events during the church year such as Advent Workshop, Journey to Bethlehem, Fat Sunday, and Church Picnic.
• Plan monthly intergenerational events that are conducive to families but invite participation from the entire congregation such as hikes or campfires.
• Oversee church participation in events at our denomination’s local camp such as summer and winter camp for senior and junior high students and family camp for all ages.

5. Childcare Program

• Recruit and train childcare providers for Sunday mornings and special events.
• Oversee the use of appropriate check-in and check-out systems for child safety.

6. General Expectations

• Follow CUCC policy and the procedures outlined in the CUCC Employee Handbook.
• Work independently and as part of the Church staff and lay leadership teams to support CUCC’s mission and vision.
• Perform tasks in a manner consistent with standards of professional practice, including, but not limited to, confidentiality, strong work ethic, self-directed work activities, conflict management, and good communication.
• Answer calls and emails from parents/guardians of children and students in a timely manner.
• Other duties as assigned.


• Strong organizational skills and can work independently.
• Excellent people skills; can recruit and support volunteers and outreach to parents.
• Ability to use Word, Excel, Power Point, social media, and graphic design programs.
• Ability to work on feet for up to 3 hours at a time, set up tables and chairs, lift up to 45 lbs, and participate in indoor and outdoor activities. The church will consider any applicant who may have a challenge performing these jobs.
• Wisdom to select appropriate, progressive curriculum. Creativity and innovation.
• Strong written and verbal communication.
• Experience working with children and youth. Basic knowledge of theology and Bible.
• BA or equivalent degree.

Please send resume and cover letter to Pastor Jen ( and Pastor Jacob (

Salary Range: $54,000

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