BY: Anna Kathryn Simmons


It’s Not a Conference. It’s a Conversation

Cultivate: A Thoughtful Youth Ministry Conversation

Nashville, TN | January 24-25, 2019




I’m a Lutheran.

I’m a Methodist.

I’m non-denominational.

I’m Republican.









We are a large, diverse, beautiful mess of God’s people.

We do not think in the same way; our opinions differ, and we may disagree. But we are followers, disciples of the God of the universe.

It turns out that this world is also a large, diverse, beautiful mess of God’s people.  Life is messy and the issues we face in youth ministry are complicated and difficult, oftentimes without a one-size-fits-all solution.

We’re going to disagree, and that’s OK.  I’m pretty sure that happened occasionally with believers in the Bible too (rumor has it).

We’re progressive.  We’re conservative.  And that’s OK.  Cultivate isn’t only for a few people.  It’s for anyone who wants to dive into the messiness that is ministering to teenagers.

At Cultivate, we believe in discourse and wrestling with the tough issues in youth ministry.  We’re not into quick fixes, and we believe healthy discussion (even disagreements!) is good for our faith and ministries.

Come to listen.  Come to talk.  Come to grow.

Come to Cultivate.

Cultivate: A Thoughtful Youth Ministry Conversation

Nashville, TN | January 24-25, 2019




During Main Session Conversations we will hear from thought-leaders like Dr. Andy Root and Dr. Sharon Ketchum who will share their expertise on real-life case studies. We will then create space for you to converse in roundtable discussions with other youth workers to address the case yourselves. You will have the chance to hear multiple solutions from different youth ministry contexts as well as the wisdom from other experts in the room. We hope to provide you with the experience to expand your own thoughts, theology, and ways of responding. 


Cultivate also offers 9 Unconventional Workshops that have been redesigned to allow for multiple presenters to share their wisdom while giving ample time for group discussion and problem-solving. 


Join the Conversation, January 24-25 in Nashville, TN.
We want your voice at the table as we gather to cultivate thoughtful conversations, together.






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