CYMT Innovation Laboratory

In 2017, the Center for Youth Ministry Training has received a grant from the Lilly Endowment Inc. for the Innovation Laboratory for Youth Ministry in the Southeast region.

In 2018, CYMT received a grant from The Texas Methodist Foundation to establish a second cohort of the Innovation Lab in the Texas area. These grants will empower CYMT to create a research-based incubator for innovation in youth ministry during the years to come.



The Need for Innovation


Why Innovate?

We believe that the modern formula for youth ministry, which emphasizes gathering peer-based groups as the dominating model, needs updating. We also believe we have been called to create and innovate in the image of our Creator.   CYMT is creating A Path towards Innovation that has several vital components that we believe are necessary for success.

What do we mean by ‘innovation’? We don’t mean just coming up with a new idea to replace the lock-in or a creative way of doing Sunday School.  Rather than seeking tweaks or incremental enhancements to existing models and processes, the Innovation Laboratory for Youth Ministry seeks to foster innovation that dramatically changes assumptions about the nature of youth ministry, upends expectations, and develops groundbreaking means and disruptive methods for ministry with young people in the American mainline church.

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