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So many of us are eager to get outside and go places right now, even those who didn’t thrive with a routine before are hungering for some sense of normalcy!  While we can’t gather with our youth and families, we can still provide resources to engage in spiritual disciplines and conversations at home.  A married couple, a Children’s Pastor and Youth Pastor duo, made this free driving prayer station guide for families in their Church.  


Invite your families to load up in the car and pray for their community – ALL ages are welcome!  Prayer is always a Christian essential, but right now it feels incredibly important and one of the primary ways we can be supporting our community.  As families drive through their community, the prayer station guide provides scripture, reflection, and prayers to stop and read at specific locations. This driving prayer station guide was written specifically for families in our current pandemic.


Share this free download with not only your youth, but the whole Church family as a way for them to safely get out of the house and be praying for their community. 


Thank you to Rev. Joanna and Rev. Chris Cummings for creating and sharing this resource.


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