Below you’ll see an example document of the Memorandum of Understanding between CYMT & Partner Ministry (for Professional Education track residents)

This memorandum provides an explanation of the expectations of the Partner Church and the Center for Youth Ministry Training (CYMT) if both sides enter into a formal agreement.  The purpose is to ensure clarity about the potential relationship.

The Ministry acknowledges and understands the following:

  • The church must have in place or create a Youth Ministry Team or Council to meet monthly and help implement the vision and goals of the youth ministry.
  • The church must have an up-to-date child protection policy and trainings in place.
  • Senior Pastor and/or Onsite Supervisor will be oriented by CYMT coach during the first church coaching session.
  • The Onsite Supervisor or Pastor will meet regularly with the youth director to ensure good communication and support.
  • The Onsite Supervisor or Pastor will participate in the coaching programs regular evaluations to provide feedback to the youth director for continued growth.
  • The church acknowledges that residents are to participate in ALL CYMT classes, intensives, and conferences and plan accordingly: See intensive dates here under “Class Intensives”.


Professional Education Track Ministry Financial Commitment

  • $30,000 total cost

$3,000 initial payment due June 15
$750 due beginning of each month for 36 months (Begins July)
36-month contract

CYMT commits to provide the following to the Ministry:

  • Pay for all the youth directors costs associated with the MAYM degree including tuition, books, travel, and room & board during intensives.  Travel includes flights if necessary to/from Austin for 5-day intensives each semester.
  • The CYMT coach will conduct a youth ministry survey of the congregation to establish relationships and identify areas that need immediate attention.
  • CYMT coach to work with the youth director on a weekly basis in the first two years and monthly (and as needed) in year three
  • Monthly coaching for the church’s Youth Ministry Team from CYMT staff to build an infrastructure for youth ministry including:

Vision, Mission, and Goals
Curriculum Plan
Long Range Calendar
Volunteer Training and Recruiting
Opportunity to be involved in cooperative CYMT intensives and mission trips