January 22-24, 2020 | Nashville, TN

Join us for Cultivate, where we have
intentional and thoughtful conversations around pressing
and relevant topics in youth ministry.




It’s not a Youth Ministry Conference.
It’s Conversations about Youth Ministry.


Cultivate is different than any youth ministry conference you’ve attended, because it’s not a conference — it’s a conversation. Rather than telling you what you should think, Cultivate exists to create thoughtful conversations that help youth workers minister in today’s world.


Join the Conversation


Each main session is centered around a realistic case study drawn from actual youth ministry experiences. Instead of listening to a keynote speaker’s “usual schtick,” our Dialogue Partners will lend their expertise and wisdom to addressing the real-live case study before we set you free to converse in small groups of youth workers to address the case study yourselves. In each session you’ll have opportunity to hear multiple solutions and approaches from other youth workers and experts in the room — ways of responding that will expand your own thoughts, theology and ways of responding.



Meet our Main Session Dialogue Partners

Say Goodbye to Your Typical Workshop


Tired of hearing someone drone on for an hour in “their” workshop? So are we. Our unconventional workshops have been redesigned to allow for multiple presenters to share their wisdom while giving ample time for group discussion and problem solving.  In each workshop you’ll hear from someone who brings solid information on the topic, one who brings a perspective from a different context on the same topic, and a facilitator who helps to guide the discussion as we tackle the topic together.



What Are People Saying About Cultivate?