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Hillcrest Evangelical Free Church - Seward, NE

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Church Description:

Hillcrest Evangelical Free Church is a thriving church in Seward, Nebraska, a town of 7000, which is a great community and is known for being a great place to raise a family. We are located just 30 minutes west of Lincoln which is a city of approximately 285,000. Our church has a growing number of young families and a committed group of student ministry volunteers. We are looking for a full-time Pastor of Student Ministries to lead and implement our vision as we continue to develop an environment where students can meet Jesus, know Jesus, and serve like Jesus.

Average Attendance: 425  No. of Active Youth: 100

Job Description:

Hillcrest Evangelical Free Church is a thriving church in small-town Nebraska with a growing number of young families and a committed group of youth ministry volunteers. We are looking for a Pastor of Student Ministries to lead and implement our vision as we continue to develop an environment where students can meet Jesus, know Jesus, and serve like Jesus.


Hillcrest Student Ministries exists to create an environment where students can Meet Jesus, Know
Jesus, and become like Him in character and attitude.

We do this through a process of winning, building, equipping and leadership multiplication.

WINNING – Seeking the Lost:
Evangelism is a process involving cultivating, planting, and reaping. Evangelism is the most natural
and effective when it is personal, within the context of relationships. Evangelism must be a priority
(Luke 15).

Our purpose is to intentionally help students succeed at becoming a friend to those without a
relationship with Jesus. Within this context, seeking students are exposed to the Good News about
Jesus giving them the opportunity to place their faith in Him.

BUILDING – Growth of the Believer:
Teaching and coaching new believers in the basics of spiritual growth. Assurance of salvation, Bible
study, prayer, confession of sin, asking for and extending forgiveness, and passing on what they are
learning to others are key components.

Our purpose at “growth level” programs is to establish the convinced believing student in their faith
NOT entertain or babysit the spiritually lost ‘churched’ student.

EQUIPPING – Ministry Training:
Our desire is to work toward developing “fully trained disciples” (Luke 6:40) who reflect both the
character and priorities of Christ. This is someone who exemplifies a Great Commission heart and
lifestyle. Equipping can include apologetics, conflict resolution, discovery and use of spiritual gifts,
how to share the Gospel, and how to be a servant-leader can serve to strengthen the maturing
believer in their faith.

Our purpose is to intentionally equip the committed student or volunteer worker to share in the work
of the ministry while reorganizing their priorities to reflect Christ’s.

MULTIPLYING – Leadership:
Our desire is for students and staff to acquire the skills and habits of a disciple of Jesus who is
actively engaged in a disciple-making lifestyle. A lifestyle where they are given responsibility for a
segment of ministry to oversee and begin to make disciples.

Our purpose is to move students and volunteers into leadership roles by allowing them to shepherd
(within the Hillcrest ministry) or lead in another setting.


In Matthew 28:18-20, we find some of Jesus’ last words to those who would call themselves followers
or disciples of Christ. This passage is made up of one command and three action words (participial
phrases which describe that command). They are: “make disciples” – GO, BAPTIZE, and TEACH TO

As you trace the process of spiritual maturity through the New Testament there appears to be four
stages in the disciple-making process: 1) The Lost, 2) The Believer, 3) The Worker, and 4) The
Shepherd. It is our role to assist in each stage. Simply put we need to “Go seek the lost, establish
the believer, equip the convinced, and finally multiply through the disciple-maker”

We believe the original intent of the term “make disciples” in the Great Commission, includes the
whole process of seeking the lost, establishing the believer, equipping the worker, and appointing
shepherds. We also believe there are two sides to the disciple-making process “coin”—evangelism
and discipleship. The end product of evangelism is conversion, while the end product of discipleship
is Christlikeness or having the character and priorities of Jesus Christ.

Our vision at Hillcrest includes a strategy where we work towards a balance in our programming. We
are in the process of offering several programs (activities that help move people through the disciple-
making process) in each area of spiritual maturity.

We want to challenge students to take the next step in their spiritual journey. If a student does not
have faith in Jesus, we seek to build a relationship; looking for opportunities to share biblical truth and
the Gospel. If they are a believer, we encourage participation in various programs to help establish
their new faith in Jesus. If a student has been a believer for some time, we help them look for ways
to get involved in the work of ministry often resulting in leadership experiences.

Because we are committed, by the grace of God, to use the relevant teaching of the Word of God, in
the context of loving relationships, to introduce spiritually interested people to Jesus Christ and
challenge them to grow to mature disciples who serve God. Therefore, we place a high value on
being Biblically-centered, participatory in worship, obedient in living, fueled by prayer, living in
dependence on the Holy Spirit, in the context of healthy relationships!

Hillcrest Evangelical Free Church
Pastor of Student Ministries Position Description

Title: Pastor of Student Ministries

Provide leadership to students grades 6-12, teaching and discipling youth toward
maturity in Christ, equipping them for outreach. Develop a youth ministry team of
volunteers to effectively minister to the youth of our community.

Spiritual Qualifications:
– A personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ and a consistent, growing
relationship with Him as Lord.
– Agreement with the statement of faith of the Evangelical Free Church of America
and the Constitution and Bylaws of Hillcrest Evangelical Free Church (HEFC).
– A passion for youth ministry, a sense of calling by God and spiritual gifts consistent
with the responsibilities, including teaching and administration.

Personal Qualifications:
– Minimum of a Bachelors Degree. A Masters Degree preferred.
– Three to five years of experience working with youth, full-time professional student
ministry experience preferred.
– Male. Married preferred.

Primary Responsibilities:
– Lead in the development and implementation of a philosophy and strategy for
student ministries at HEFC.
– Together with volunteer staff, develop and implement short and long term strategies
for student ministry and evaluate effectiveness.
– Recruit, equip and supervise volunteer staff to partner in student ministries.
– Plan and implement meaningful activities to provide opportunities for spiritual growth
for the students.
– Be available to students through regular personal contact.
– Provide counseling and guidance to students and their families during periods of
– Work with the CE Ministry Coordinator and volunteers to propose and administer the
annual student ministry budget.
– Function in a team environment with other pastoral staff, being responsible to
coordinate student ministries within the total church ministries.
– Other pastoral duties as assigned by the Administrative Pastor.

The Pastor of Student Ministries will report directly to the Administrative Pastor. He
shall attend weekly staff meetings. The Pastor of Student Ministries will serve on
boards and committees as directed by the Administrative Pastor unless otherwise
directed in the HEFC Bylaws.

Salary Range: $45000-55000

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