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How to move Youth from Consumption and Success to Human Flourishing

At Cultivate this year, we are exploring the ideas of human flourishing and innovation in ministry.  We will do this through the unpacking of a real […]

Five Keys to Volunteer Recruitment

Great youth ministry volunteers who passionately care for students, help plan events, teach, and disciple are the common thread among every good youth ministry. If you […]

It Happens: Snowed In – Severe Weather and Quickly Changing Plans

Excerpt from “It Happens: True Tales from the Trenches of Youth Ministry” by Oeland Camp Almost every youth minister has led a trip that turned into […]

It Happens: Mistake Snowball – When One Bad Decision Leads to Another

When I was at my second youth ministry job, I thought I knew it all. Here I was, this Southern gal who moved to the great, […]