Dwight Johnson

Dwight is a staff member at CYMT as the Theology Together Director. He has dedicated the last 10 years to youth and family ministry in both Mississippi where he is from and now Nashville, Tennessee where, for 8 years, he served as the director of youth at Preston Taylor Ministries, an organization whose mission is to help youth and children discover joy-filled friendships, develop a love for learning, and to live out their God-inspired dreams. Having served both in the local church and in parachurch organizations, Dwight loves working with teenagers, specifically middle schoolers and enjoys seeing youth see and reach their potential. He is the author of Black Boy Soar, a children’s book written to help inspire and encourage young people of color to dream big, know who they are and what they are capable of!

In addition, Dwight continues to partner with other organizations throughout the South as a curriculum and content developer and speaker helping to create theological content for workshops, retreats, and conferences aimed to guide youth to think critically about their faith and where their personal creation collides with greater purpose with the hope to inspire the next generation of the church to be world changers. 

Dwight is a graduate of Millsaps College where he received the Bachelor of Arts in music and is also a cum laude graduate of Memphis Theological Seminary through the Center for Youth Ministry Training where he received his Master of Arts in Youth Ministry. 

Dwight’s Work at CYMT

I am responsible for overseeing the curriculum and content development for the Theology Together program. I represent CYMT in a relationship with City Service Mission to ensure curriculum and content is written to equip youth to know Jesus through service to the community.


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