Becca Bibee

A CYMT graduate, Becca Bibee has a Master of Arts in Youth Ministry from Memphis Theological Seminary and a Bachelors of Music Education from Birmingham Southern College. She is in her third year of youth ministry at her home church, Trinity United Methodist in Huntsville, Alabama. Becca has a passion for building community and doing the work of theology with her students. She feels most at home laughing and playing board games with her group. When she isn’t doing youth ministry, Becca reads books, wanders the aisles of Target, and shows people unsolicited pictures of her overly adorable niece.

Trinity is a large United Methodist Church in the middle of Huntsville that was started in the 1950s when a bunch of NASA engineers wanted a Methodist church closer to where they lived. To this day, it is still full of rocket scientists and engineers. Trinity averages around 800 weekly worshippers and has a youth ministry of about 150 active students.


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