Two years ago, the Center for Youth Ministry Training made the decision to hire Kris Konsowitz as our Memphis Regional Director. Kris is making a significant impact on the ministry and mission of CYMT. She is responsible for recruiting partner churches and overseeing the coaching program in the greater Memphis region. Kris currently coaches four CYMT graduate residents in the Memphis region. She does this while also serving as the youth minister at Collierville UMC where she oversees a ministry that ministers to over 300 youth and families.
Affectionately known as Mrs. Kris, she has been the youth minister at Collierville for 24 years and in youth ministry for three decades. The youth ministry at Collierville is one of the strongest youth ministries in the country. One of the reasons is the incredibly strong group of volunteers, nearly half of whom grew up in her ministry at Collierville. The other half love working with her so much that they have been volunteering for more than a decade.
CYMT is blessed to have Kris as a member of our staff. While we wonder how she has time to get it all done, we are blessed to have her pour 30 years of wisdom into our graduate residents. Here is what some of her current and former CYMT residents had to say about Kris as a person and coach:

“I don’t know how I would have survived my first two years at my placement church if it had not been for the comfort, guidance, wisdom, and council of Kris. She is an amazing mentor, coach, and friend.” —Lauren Gilliland, Class of 2013
“Kris has been a life saver for me as my youth ministry coach. Once, while on a trip, one of my students threatened to commit suicide. I had no idea in that moment what to do, so I called Kris. She walked with me every step of that process. She handles any situation with grace, calmness, and clarity. She has been a great sounding board as well for my youth ministry joys and struggles. She cares about all that she comes into contact with with the love of Christ. She is a humble servant of Christ who is passionate about youth ministry, youth ministers, and the welfare of people.” —Philip Galyon, Class of 2015
“Kris was not just a coach; she has been a mentor and a friend, and without her I would not be the youth director and—most importantly—the Christian that I am today. She is the most dedicated youth minister that I have ever had the pleasure to know.” —Jason Smith, Class of 2012
“When I came into the CYMT program I was a little skeptical of the coaching process, but I couldn’t have asked for a better coaching relationship than the one I have with Kris. She is an advocate, teacher, sounding board, and friend. I am extremely grateful for the work she does as our CYMT Coach.” —Sara Palm, Class of 2016

When asked why she works for CYMT, Kris simply says, “I love coaching and what CYMT is trying to do.”
Thanks Mrs. Kris for being on our team and making such a significant impact on the Kingdom of God.