Some days my job is a joy at the Center for Youth Ministry Training.  Staff and graduate residents tell me stories of all the wonderful things that God is doing in and through our ministry.  I love those days.
Other days my job is more difficult, because something is not going right.  A decision has to be made that will make some people unhappy, a conversation has to be had that will make everyone uncomfortable, or a response has to be given to the people who have made you aware of a situation.
If you are like me, you don’t like the things you have to do, you prefer the things that you want to do.  I prefer playing golf to cutting the grass and playing with the kids to changing diapers.  I prefer talking to people who are satisfied than those who are discontent, people who are excited about possibilities to those who are closed off, and people who are healthy than those who are depressed.  I also prefer dreams to reality.
But some days, I have to do something I don’t like.  Those days,  I tell myself to put on my Big Boy Pants (You can put on your Big Girl Pants). It is my way of reminding myself to buck up and do whatever has to be done.
I don’t always like it, but ignoring these kinds of things is like ignoring the grass that needs to be cut.  It just gets taller making it harder to cut and it takes more time. Or it’s like not changing the diaper, soon you’ll have poop everywhere and that’s just a mess.
So this reminder if for you and me, I’m off to put on my big boy pants today; because IT has to be done!
If you are having trouble putting your pants on, Will Ferrel will help you …