As the Executive Director of the Center for Youth Ministry Training, I believe God is doing amazing things through our ministry. One of my jobs is to tell the Good News of all the little miracles taking place at CYMT, as well as in and through our partner churches’ youth ministries.
Since a major component of our ministry is to train youth ministers, it is always good to hear from our residents that CYMT is making a significant impact on their lives and ministries, and recently, we asked them to share example. Recently we asked some of our residents to share how CYMT’s ministry was impacting them.
As an investor in CYMT’s mission, I thought you would enjoy hearing these fruits that have come from your gifts. We asked residents to share the impact of CYMT’s four C’s (Church, Classroom, Cohort, and Coach) that make up our program.

In Their Words

“I was most excited about joining CYMT for the coaching aspect. I struggled a bit in my first two years of ministry and prayed for someone to walk beside me to show me how to be most effective in my church. Lesleigh has helped me to gain the confidence I needed to be and do what God has called me to do.”
—Tiffany Malone, Class of 2014
Cohort: The cohort has been instrumental in my time in CYMT. It is reassuring to know that this family supports me and truly cares for me.
Classroom: The class work has translated into my local context, especially my youth ministry courses. The things I am learning in class can be put into practice immediately.
Coaching: The coaching has been my life-saver during the past year and a half. My coach has gotten me through the struggles and joys of youth ministry. Kris Konsowitz has pushed me and challenged me to be a better youth minister. She is a rockstar.
Church: The church has given me space to practice what I’m learning. It has been great be in a community of believers while learning about youth ministry!
—Philip Galyon, Class of 2015
Cohort: Friends who get it
Classroom: The best guarantee for teaching the gospel to teenagers
Coaching: The only reason I haven’t quit
Church: Real ministry—messy, holy, beautiful, and worth it
—Leigh DeVries, Class of 2015

Developing Strong Ministries

Each cohort is made up of 12-14 graduate residents who will encourage, love, and support each other as they journey through the program and throughout their careers. Our classroom education in the Master of Arts in Youth Ministry program challenges youth ministers to think theologically about everything they do, from games to mission trips to their messages. Our coaches walk with young youth ministers and our partner churches, helping them build strong foundations for youth ministry. Our partner churches create the space for God’s amazing grace to be at work in the lives of young people.
The CYMT program incorporates each of these aspects into our program so that youth ministers are theologically informed and practically effective. Please continue to pray for our ministry as we faithfully walk with youth ministers and churches to develop strong youth ministries that share the Good News of Christ with teenagers.