4 Tips for Utilizing Your Strengths

1.      Research and understand both the positives and negatives associated with your strengths. This produces a deeper sense of priority and affirms one’s calling and direction. It also helps know where our blindspots are. Every strength has a shadow side, which is when the strengths are operating against you (or others that you are in relationship with). An example is someone who has the “Arranger” strength who functions out of anxiety and can come across as domineering and micromanaging.

2.     Ask for help in the areas that are not your strengths. Delegate, delegate, delegate! Asking others to help may feel like burdening them with responsibilities, especially if the task involves something you do not like doing or aren’t gifted at doing. However, asking for help may be the kind of invitation someone else was waiting for in order to use their gifts. What may feel like to you dumping burdens on others, instead may be an exciting invitation for others. In fact, by not asking, you may be robbing them of joy. People typically love to help. 

3.     Know the strengths of those you manage and work with. It is an immeasurably valuable resource if you can get everyone you work with to take the Strengths Finder assessment and create a master list of the findings. Not only will you know how to empower those around you to do their best ministry possible, you will also help others live into their strengths. This is especially powerful if you manage multiple staff. 

4.     Help your students understand and utilize their strengths. Whether it’s Strengths Finder 2.0, Enneagram, Meyers Briggs, or something else, helping youth know more about themselves is a gift! It is such an encouraging, affirming and empowering  process to help students see their natural giftedness and pursue leadership from those strengths.