BY: Anna Kathryn Simmons


Announcing the CYMT Youth Ministry Job Board

A Place for Churches and Ministry Professionals to Connect

In its over thirteen years of existence, the Center for Youth Ministry training has solidified its position as the launchpad of over 100 high quality ministry professionals. Our alumni have always traded job openings and leads through their own informal channels. We are grateful for this large and ever-growing network of alumni and current and former partner churches. We decided to formalize this network through our very own job board. 

New Opportunities for Experienced Ministers 

The CYMT Job Board extends the mission of CYMT by offering high quality youth ministry job postings with trusted churches from across the country. In just our first few weeks of launching the job board, we have already seen a wide range of locations including job postings in Texas, Tennessee, New Mexico, Illinois, Georgia, and Missouri. Stepping up to the crossroads of a job change can be a stressful moment. We offer a starting place for the search that we hope yields fruitful connections for both job seekers and churches. 




High Quality Candidates for Churches

Churches across the United States are seeking a simple way to connect with talented youth pastors, directors of youth ministry, student ministers, and family ministers. Our network of alumni are both theologically informed through their seminary training and deeply experienced in the hands-on work of practical ministry. They seek jobs across many denominations and would be excellent ministry candidates in a variety of church settings. We offer competitive pricing for sharing your job opening and guarantee that it will be seen by our alumni and shared within their vast network of ministry connections. 

Starting Point in a Time of Discernment

For job seekers who are new to working in ministry or who are still discerning their call, we invite you to consider applying to our three-year graduate residency. We offer a unique program that encompasses vocational training in a local church, academic training at an accredited seminary, and emotional support through coaching and peer relationships. Students who complete the CYMT Graduate Residency finish debt-free with a Master of Arts in Youth Ministry





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